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Reporter Writes Book Chronicling Final Decades of Reading Eagle Under Local Ownership

Story written by Steve Henshaw

Reporter Writes Book Chronicling Final Decades of Reading Eagle Under Local Ownership

Veteran Reading Eagle reporter Steven Henshaw has released a book titled, “15000 Bylines: My Bumpy, Smoky, Fulfilling Newspaper Journey.”

Henshaw describes his book as both a memoir and chronicle of the final two decades of the Reading Eagle under private, independent ownership. It provides a fly-on-the-wall perspective of events surrounding the shocking sale of the newspaper by the heirs of the founder who started publishing a daily Reading newspaper shortly after the Civil War ended.

“A couple of years ago I started batting around with a couple of my colleagues the concept of a book about some of the colorful characters we’ve known over the last few decades as journalists,” Henshaw said. “It evolved into a personal narrative that weaves memorable characters and events throughout my career with three different newspapers spanning more than three decades.”

The book chronicles a career that germinated in the 1980s when Henshaw was a first-generation college student and editor of his campus newspaper.

Steven Henshaw

Inspired by the memoirs of 20th-century newspapermen such as H.L. Mencken and Russell Baker, it traces the author’s stepping stones from small-town weekly reporter to metropolitan daily police reporter and columnist. Infused with engaging, often humorous anecdotes, the book recalls the late-20th century newspaper culture, including time-honored post-deadline, barroom gatherings with colleagues, and the emergence of the digital age.

At its core, he said, it’s a story about discovering meaning and purpose through trials and tribulations.

“15,000 Bylines” is available on Amazon and Google Books.