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Prospectus Berco Welcomes New Employees

by Prospectus Berco

Prospectus Berco Welcomes New Employees

Prospectus Berco (Prospectus Associates, Inc.) would like to welcome Nikki Roman-Cruz who has accepted the position of Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for the corporation. Mrs. Roman-Cruz hails from Boyertown, PA and is pleased to help Prospectus Berco “execute the strategic plan and hit its goals, all while being fiscally responsible.” She believes that her unique skills will “enhance procedures and create efficiencies where possible to save people time and money,” she said.

Mrs. Roman-Cruz graduated from Allentown Business School with an associate degree in Specialized Business Degree in Accounting before earning her Bachelor of Science in Accounting degree from Cedar Crest College, Allentown. Nikki held various positions in her career, including her most recent position at Morgan Stanley where she served as a Portfolio Director for the firm.

Prospectus Berco has taken steps to enhance continuity of services across all programs by announcing the promotion of Jonathan Colon to the position of Chief Operations Officer and Kristy Vigo to Community Services Administrator. While Jonathan will oversee the large operational systems of the organization, community living and day service programs will be under the direction of Kristy as the Community Services Administrator. By centralizing services oversight, we believe we can improve communications and ensure that our programs consistently reflect our core values.

Jody Wagner, Chief Executive Officer for Prospectus Berco, said that in the short time that Jonathan has been with the corporation he “has brought great value to our leadership team through his respectful and accountable management style, exceptional communication and analytical skills, and superior technology and data management knowledge.”

Mrs. Vigo has had a 17-year career with Prospectus Berco performing a variety of roles including Resident Advisor, Vocational Instructor, Vocational Program Specialist, Residential Program Manager, Residential Supervisor, and most recently Residential Director. In addition to her broad experience, Ms. Wagner said that “Kristy’s demonstrated commitment to continuous improvement and collaborative style makes her especially qualified for the position.”