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Berks Residents: Review FCC National Broadband map for accuracy

By County of Berks

Berks Residents: Review FCC National Broadband map for accuracy

Reading, PA — The County of Berks is encouraging all residents to review the new national broadband map released by the Federal Communications Commission to ensure that the map accurately reflects the broadband service available at their homes and businesses. It is extremely important for this map to be accurate since this resource will be utilized by local, state and federal agencies when determining how to allocate the roughly $42 billion in funding for broadband improvement projects from the Federal Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.

Based on the survey and research completed as part of our broadband initiative this year, the County of Berks believes there are significant errors on the map. If information is missing or incorrect for your property, please submit a challenge through the Federal Communications Commission’s website by Friday, Jan. 13, 2023. The County has several resources available to guide you through this process at

The following information can warrant a challenge:

• A location that meets the FCC’s definition of a broadband serviceable location is missing.
• A location’s broadband serviceability is incorrectly identified.
• Information such as the address or unit count for the location is incorrect.
• The location’s placement (geographic coordinates) is incorrect.

Please take some time to review this map for the properties you own and share this information with your family, friends and neighbors. The accurate representation of current accessibility in Berks is a crucial step in our efforts to make reliable, high-speed Internet access available to all residents.