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Weidenhammer Celebrates 45 Years in Business

by Weidenhammer

Weidenhammer Celebrates 45 Years in Business

On February 15, Weidenhammer Systems Corporation, more commonly known as Weidenhammer, is proudly celebrating 45 years in business.

In 1978, John P. Weidenhammer started the company with a simple vision in mind; to assist our clients in enabling business growth and efficiency through the effective use of information systems and technology. To this day, the company continues to execute this vision by providing clients with high quality services and support. From humble beginnings in a small office in Reading Pennsylvania, Weidenhammer has evolved into a national consulting firm, serving clients across the United States and Canada. We have expanded our mission and capabilities to be a leading provider of digital marketing and technology services and platforms.

“We have experienced many inflection points across forty-five years.”, said Weidenhammer CEO John P, Weidenhammer, “However, one thing has remained constant, that is our relentless commitment to delivering high-value, high-performance digital solutions to clients that transform their business.”

This milestone anniversary has been achieved through the dedication and commitment to excellence of every Weidenhammer team member – both past and present. We are proud of our legacy and excited to continue our ongoing mission to be seen as a “trusted advisor” to our clients and a leader in the field of Digital Transformation.

Weidenhammer and its four divisions have been solving complex business and technology challenges for more than forty years. They help clients master the digital economy by leveraging leading-edge technology and platforms to optimize customer experiences, workforce productivity, and operational efficiency. Hammer Commerce, Hammer Dev, Hammer Marketing, and Hammer Tech work individually and collaboratively to deliver customized solutions based on organizational needs. Across the board, they are experts in delivering bottom-line benefits for our clients. To learn more about Weidenhammer, visit