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Reading Housing Authority Opens Public Housing Waiting List

by Reading Housing Authority

Reading Housing Authority Opens Public Housing Waiting List

Public Housing Waiting List to Open on April 11, 2023

Reading Housing Authority (RHA) will open the Public Housing Waiting List at 8:00 am, Tuesday, April 11, 2023, for the following categories: 0- BR apartments for 1-person families and 1-BR apartments for 2-person families who are elderly (age 62+) or who have a disability (18+), located in Rhodes, Eisenhower & Hubert Apartments, Kennedy & Franklin Towers and Hensler Homes. General Occupancy, 1-2- 3-4 Bedroom units located in Glenside and Oakbrook Homes and 5-Bedroom units located in Oakbrook Homes only.

Applicant families must qualify for the bedroom size (1BR – 5BR) based upon occupancy standard of 1 bedroom per 2 persons, with limited exceptions. RHA utilizes a 1-offer policy, which means that eligible individuals are not able to select a development but will be offered the first unit for which they meet the criteria. Beginning April 11, APPLICANTS MAY APPLY ONLINE at

Electronic applications must be received by midnight on Friday, April 14, 2023. Not all applications that are received are expected to be placed on the waiting list. RHA reserves the right to apply a lottery-based selection process for applications if the number of applications received exceeds more than 12 months of predicted unit availability; therefore, all applicants may not be placed upon a waiting list.

Preferences will be given to individuals and families who live in the City of Reading and to families of which a household member is a service member or veteran who meets the standards set in accordance with PA Law P.L.2903, No. 188.

Acceptance of an application onto the waiting list is not a guarantee of housing assistance, as applicants must meet eligibility requirements as described in the RHA Admissions and Continued Occupancy Policy. It is the policy of the RHA to comply with the rules necessary to allow request of reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities to make use of the housing programs.