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Mail Shark to Host Free Adoption Day at the ARL

by Animal Rescue League of Berks County

Mail Shark to Host Free Adoption Day at the ARL

Mail Shark, a local direct marketing company, will host a Sponsored Adoption Day this Friday, April 14, 2023, at the Animal Rescue League of Berks County. All animals over one year old will be free to adopt during the event.

All adopters must go through the ARL’s regular procedures to adopt, including the completion of an adoption profile and speaking with an adoption counselor to ensure that the pet they select is a good match for their home, family, and lifestyle.

“We do not take any shortcuts when we host free adoption weekends,” says Alexis Pagoulatos, the ARL’s CEO. “We want to do everything we can to make sure that all of our pets find great homes, no matter if their new family is paying for them or not.”

Professor Plum

Adopters are encouraged to bring their family members to meet their new pet at the time of adoption, and to bring their dogs from home for meet and greet other dogs at the shelter. Dog adopters will also want to bring cash or a check for a $7 dog license, which is required at the time of adoption under PA law. Adopters will also want to bring a cat carrier (or they can purchase one from the ARL for $5) and dog collar and leash (or they can purchase one from the ARL).

The ARL will be open on Friday from 1 – 6:30 PM (waitlist closes at 6:00 PM); no appointments are necessary. A virtual “line” is set up at where guests can check-in when they arrive to the shelter. All guests will be able to check their place in line and be notified by text when it’s their turn to work with an adoption counselor.

For more information, please get in touch with the ARL at [email protected].