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League of Women Voters of Berks County Provides Voter Education Tool VOTE411

by League of Women Voters of Berks County

League of Women Voters of Berks County Provides Voter Education Tool VOTE411

Ahead of the primary elections, the League of Women Voters of Berks County offers the nonpartisan election resource This “one-stop shop” for election information provides Berks County PA voters with simple, accessible tools to help them navigate the voting process. VOTE411 provides personalized candidate information, voter registration details, polling place locations, and other helpful election information for all voters nationwide.

The VOTE411 efforts this year feature a new website with new technology. As with most new technologies, there were a few bugs. One is that for Pennsylvania races, at least currently, only the first three races on the ballot are filtering by the party you select. For other races, it is showing all candidates in both parties. Because Pennsylvania is a closed primary state, when you go to the polls, you can only vote for candidates in the party on your voter registration.

“From local ballot initiatives to important state races, it is crucial that voters in Berks County PA make their voices heard this election year,” said Bill Litvin, Board Member of the League of Women Voters of Berks County.  “VOTE411 is the nation’s premiere online election resource that provides voters with the resources they need to make an informed vote this fall. The League of Women Voters of Berks County has published our on-line voter guide on VOTE411 as a resource for all Berks County PA voters.”

We had participation from 30 Democratic candidates, 40 Republican candidates, and 60 candidates who cross-filed. We had 8 of 9 Commissioner candidates, 9 of 11 other County-wide race candidates, 3 of 3 Common Pleas Judge candidates, 12 of 17 MDJ candidates. We had 9 candidates who wouldn’t respond to phone calls or in-person discussions, 195 candidates whom we emailed who did not respond, and 131 candidates who did participate. We skipped two sets of races – local tax collector and local auditor(except Reading auditor whom we did include).  The workload to cover the races we did cover was a stretch for our resources.

Additionally, the local League works with partners to host voter registration events at public events and locations like Colleges, Universities, High Schools; voter education efforts via our BCTV program which airs the second Tuesday of the month; hot topics discussions; candidate interviews with BCTV; and candidate forums in partnership with other organizations.

With resources available in both English and Spanish, VOTE411 helps millions each year — many of them young people and first-time voters — learn more about what’s on their ballot, where candidates stand on the issues, how to find their polling place, and more.

“The League of Women Voters of Berks County is pleased to provide this important, nonpartisan resource to Berks County PA voters,” said Wenda Kincaid, President of the League of Women Voters of Berks County. “We encourage voters to visit to make a voting plan so they are prepared to cast their vote confidently on Election Day!”

Here is a link to the Candidate Interviews on BCTV, our program entitled “Candidates Upfront”:

And here is the list of the interviews that will air on BCTV on May 7th, starting at 10am: