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Pochans Create a Multimedia Art Show

by Yocum Institute for Arts Education

Pochans Create a Multimedia Art Show
Lil’ Po

Reading artists Andrew and Nadia Pochan are back with a new production titled “Pretty Little Po”. Opening night is Friday, September 8 from 5-7 P.M. As their first show as a duo, the Pochans’ hope is to instill their audience a certain frenetic energy that Japan stirred in them.

Along with names like Taylor Swift and Steve from Blues Clues, Andrew Pochan is synonymous with Reading, PA. Pochan burst upon the scene as a young artist in 1996 when he started his first printing and illustration business at the age of six.

Shortly after meeting Nadia, they fell in love. “I want to get married to you, on a volcano, in Hokkaido Japan…” said Pochan in his fumbling proposal of marriage. Thus was the day the seeds for a trip to Japan were sown.  Ever since they have taken the art world by storm as a powerful art duo. Setting the current standard for the ‘20s, the Pochans produce books, art, theater, writing, illustrations, photography, video, kitchen remodeling and underwater basket weaving.

Andrew and Nadia would later be accepted into two artist residencies, one in the rural Itoshima and the other in the city of Kyoto. Having spent 2 and half months exploring and creating in Japan, they decided to further explore what they learned and experienced by creating a multimedia art show.

“Pretty Lil Po” is an immersive, installation art piece featuring aspects of Japan, the Japanese and their culture through the critical eyes of the Pochans. Lil’ Po, the cat, is the mascot of the Pochans. Rebellious as he is endearing, he loves a good cuddle, some warm milk and a good fight. A conessure of cat tattoos, he holds the World record for most centimeters covered on any feline.