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Berks County Public Libraries Unveil Story Trail at Berks Heim

by Berks County Public Libraries

Berks County Public Libraries Unveil Story Trail at Berks Heim
Heim residents, Anna Mae and Lynn, assist Library System Administrator Stephanie Williams with the unveiling of the first display of the Berks Heim Story Trail.

Berks County Public Libraries unveiled a new variation of library StoryWalks during a grand opening event on Friday, Oct. 13 at Berks Heim. The new display, labeled as a library Story Trail, features content beyond the traditional children’s storybook pages displayed at other exhibits.

Just as with other Berks County library StoryWalks, visitors of the Berks Heim Story Trail will move from post to post, reading the display pages while enjoying the outdoors. For its official unveiling, the Story Trail highlights a collection of historical photographs and artwork of notable local landmarks and destinations. Each series of images is paired with a brief description and trivia question that is answered on the following display.

All three Berks County commissioners attended the Story Trail unveiling ceremony. Pictured: Commissioner Rivera, Commissioner Sihelnik, Library System Administrator Stephanie Williams, and Commissioner Leinbach.

“Our goal was to tailor this StoryWalk experience for residents of Berks Heim and their families to enjoy,” said Stephanie Williams, administrator for Berks County Public Libraries. “We’re focusing on local history for the first installment, pulling images from the Pennsylvania Photos and Document collection on POWER Library.”

Story Trail content will rotate quarterly across 18 displays that extend from the Heim entrance towards Berks Road. Additional information about library StoryWalks in Berks County is available at