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Penn State Extension to Host Orchids for Everyone: General Orchid Care Nov. 21

by Penn State Extension

Penn State Extension to Host Orchids for Everyone: General Orchid Care Nov. 21

Penn State Extension will host a webinar, “Orchids for Everyone: General Orchid Care,” on Tuesday, Nov. 21, live via Zoom. Acquire valuable insights from orchid cultivation experts on the precise and effective methods for nurturing orchids in your home.

Did you ever wonder what those flowering plants are in the background behind people being interviewed on various media? Authors, politicians, scientists, and celebrities, so many of them have blooming orchids “backing them up.” In this session, we will consider what you need to know to enjoy orchids in your home. Beyond that, we will present you with the basic growing information you need to keep those orchids happy and healthy so you can enjoy their flowers year after year. Growing orchids is rewarding and a lot of fun!

The Orchids for Everyone webinar series, a collaboration with Master Gardeners and the American Orchid Society, will answer many of your orchid questions for both indoor and outdoor growing. The phalaenopsis orchid is now the most popular flowering potted plant in the United States, according to 2020 statistics from the US Department of Agriculture. Orchids outsold poinsettias in 2019, with over 37 million plants sold, and phalaenopsis was the number one type of orchid sold. Each of the six sessions covers a different topic and includes a Q & A session following the presentation. These classes cover a variety of topics, including an introduction to orchids and the most popular genera, cultural requirements, insects, disease, and environmental issues. Other practices covered include repotting, dividing, and mounting. Lastly, a session focusing on Native orchids of the Pennsylvania and the Mid-Atlantic regions will round out the series.

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