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The Critical Importance of “Stop the Bleed” Training Highlighted in Life-Saving Response to Emergency

by New Castle Lawn & Landscape

The Critical Importance of “Stop the Bleed” Training Highlighted in Life-Saving Response to Emergency

We are taking a moment to shine a light on the lifesaving significance of “Stop the Bleed” training and to express our profound gratitude to Jennifer Barney and Chelsie Ober from Tower Health. Their expert instruction has proved to be instrumental in preparing our New Castle Lawn & Landscape team members, Zhane Stephenson and Devin Wiley, to respond promptly and efficiently during a recent emergency situation.

The incident occurred when a victim was tragically struck by a vehicle and found in critical condition. Without hesitation, Zhane and Devin employed the skills they acquired during the “Stop the Bleed” training and acted swiftly to control the bleeding. They remained with the injured person, providing crucial first-aid support until the ambulance arrived on the scene.

We recognize that the timely intervention of Zhane and Devin was possible due to the foresight and dedication of our Safety Committee Lead, Dan Macrina. His commitment to the safety of our community and team prompted him to seek out the essential training provided by Jennifer Barney and Chelsie Ober and the professionals at Tower Health.

The outcome of this distressing event underscores the importance of being prepared. “Stop the Bleed” training arms individuals with the knowledge to act effectively during bleeding emergencies, potentially making the difference between life and death.

Today, we not only celebrate the heroics of Zhane and Devin but also recognize the collective effort of Jen, Chelsie, Dan, and the team at Tower Health. Their proactive approach to safety training has undeniably had a tangible and positive impact on our community.

For those interested in equipping themselves with “Stop the Bleed” skills, we wholeheartedly recommend reaching out to Tower Health. Being prepared can and does save lives.