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City of Reading and Mayor Morán Announce New Year’s Eve Fireworks Celebration

by The City of Reading

City of Reading and Mayor Morán Announce New Year’s Eve Fireworks Celebration

The City of Reading and Mayor Eddie Morán, in collaboration with Berks Festival Inc., is thrilled to announce the triumphant return of the 27th annual New Year’s Eve firework celebration. After a temporary pause in 2022, this beloved tradition is back, promising a dazzling spectacle to welcome the new year.

In partnership with Berks Festival Inc., the City of Reading is set to illuminate the night sky with a breathtaking fireworks display. Unlike previous years, the fireworks will light up the sky at a family-friendly time of 10 p.m., providing residents and visitors of all ages the opportunity to revel in the festivities while adhering to a more accessible schedule. The decision to move away from the traditional midnight display aims to enhance inclusivity and allow families to participate in the festivities together.

City of Reading Mayor Eddie Morán expressed his enthusiasm for the event: “The return of the New Year’s Eve firework celebration is a testament to the resilience and unity of our community. After a brief hiatus, we are thrilled to bring back this cherished tradition in collaboration with Berks Festival Inc. This year’s family-friendly start time at 10 p.m. ensures that everyone can join in the celebration, fostering a sense of togetherness as we usher in the New Year. Let’s come together to celebrate the end of one year and the beginning of another, filled with possibilities and new opportunities.”

“Berks Festivals is delighted to spearhead the organization of the First Night celebratory fireworks from Mt. Penn, aimed at showcasing the vibrancy of our beloved City – its diverse communities and landmarks,” expressed William Koch, Sr., CPA, President. “As we gaze skyward harboring hope for the future, we inaugurate the new year with a vibrant, expertly executed display.”

In addition to the stunning visuals, residents and visitors can tune in to 830AM WEEU or for a specially curated musical accompaniment to enhance their fireworks experience. We remind our residents and visitors that setting off unpermitted fireworks less than 150 feet away from structures is illegal by ordinance and is hazardous to our City at large.