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Collaborative Mural Designed by Yenna Hill to be Installed on Residence This June

by Albright College

Collaborative Mural Designed by Yenna Hill to be Installed on Residence This June

As a part of renovations in the “Innovation Corridor” of Reading, Habitat for Humanity of Berks County is breathing new life into a home on the corner of Douglass and Moss Streets. Lead artist Yenna Hill, with the collaborative support of Mike Miller and the Public Art Studio, is creating a new mural for the exterior of this home, located across the street from the new STEM High School.

This mural was fabricated on a polyester material that allows many people to help with the painting in a variety of locations before it is installed. Students from Reading’s Northeast and Central Middle Schools have had a hand in helping to paint this mural, as well as Albright College’s advanced painting students (bottom image) and community volunteers.

Creating her own “visual handwriting” through linework, Yenna has been inspired throughout her life by her uncle, artist, Keith Haring, and her mother, a writer, Kay Haring. The collaborative mural process coordinated by Mike Miller, artist-in-residence and faculty member at Albright College, has presented unique challenges and opportunities for her established style. To create the image on a series of mural sheets, she carefully considered how each sheet would connect and scale to the mural’s final size (top image).

So far this year, hundreds of community volunteers have come through the Public Art Studio to help work on several collaborative public art projects. This mural is planned to be installed in June. Check back for future updates.


We offer a wide range of services through our Public Art Studio, including group painting, mural tours, and speaking engagements. Our group painting sessions allow for office retreats or friendly gatherings in the studio to collaborate and paint. For more information on our services, please check out our Community page under “Explore our Public Art Studio.”

Do you have ideas for a mural at your business or within your community? Please consider sponsoring or commissioning a mural with our Public Art Studio.

Please contact Mike at [email protected] for more information.

Students and parents

If you have a child who loves art, please consider registering them for our five-week Visual Arts track.

Students in the Visual Arts track will work with Mike on studio projects, participating in screen printing, drawing, printmaking, mural installation, and much more.

Registration is currently open for students entering grades 5–12 and current seniors. Single-week or multiple-week options or explore your area of interest with our five-week track option beginning Jun. 24. Check out our flyer for more info.

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