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Tax Benefits for Homeowners

Tax Benefits for Homeowners

by Internal Revenue Service

Photo by Tierra Mallorca on Unsplash

Whether someone is a current homeowner or buying a new home this summer, owning a home can be expensive. There are tax benefits that can help taxpayers save money and offset some of the costs that come with homeownership. Homeowners should review the tax deductions, programs, and housing allowances to see if they are eligible.

Deductible house-related expenses

Most home buyers take out a mortgage to buy their home and then make monthly payments to the mortgage holder. This payment may bundle other costs of owning a home.

The costs the homeowner can deduct are:

Taxpayers must itemize their deductions to deduct homeownership expenses.

Homeowners can’t deduct any of the following items:

Mortgage Interest Credit

The Mortgage Interest Credit helps people with lower income afford homeownership. Those who qualify can claim the credit each year for part of the home mortgage interest paid. A homeowner may be eligible for the credit if they were issued a qualified Mortgage Credit Certificate from their state or local government. A certificate is issued only for a new mortgage for the purchase of a main home.

Ministers and military housing allowance

Ministers and members of the uniformed services who receive a nontaxable housing allowance can still deduct their real estate taxes and home mortgage interest. They don’t have to reduce their deductions based on the allowance.

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