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Marcinkowski Named New Board Chair of IM ABLE Foundation

Marcinkowski Named New Board Chair of IM ABLE Foundation

by IM ABLE Foundation

IM ABLE Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting inclusive fitness opportunities for individuals living with physical, cognitive, and/or behavioral challenges, is proud to announce Sherry Marcinkowski as its new Board Chair.

In her new role, Ms. Marcinkowski will lead IM ABLE Foundation toward expanding its reach in Berks County and beyond, advocating for inclusive programming, events, and adaptive equipment grants for the adaptive community.

IM ABLE Foundation exists to include people living with physical, cognitive and/or behavioral challenges in the benefits of being physically active by providing grants for adaptive equipment and programming opportunities inclusive of people of all abilities.

With a wealth of experience in operational management and event development, Ms. Marcinkowski brings a dynamic leadership approach to her new position. As the Program Coordinator for Tower Health’s Wyomissing Office, she has demonstrated her ability to oversee operations effectively and lead teams toward success.

Ms. Marcinkowski’s connection to IM ABLE Foundation dates back to 2012 when her daughter, facing a life-changing diagnosis that rendered her crutch- and wheelchair-bound for two and a half years, benefited from a loaned handcycle bike. The impact of this support not only transformed her daughter’s life but also inspired Ms. Marcinkowski to become deeply involved in the Foundation’s mission.

Reflecting on her journey, Ms. Marcinkowski shared, “The loan of this bike changed everything for my daughter. Not only for her but for my son and me. After being confined to the walls of our home, it allowed her, us, to get out and be active with each other and with friends.”

Driven by her personal experience, Ms. Marcinkowski is determined to help others facing similar challenges realize the boundless possibilities available to them through the IM ABLE Foundation’s support.

When asked about her inspiration, Ms. Marcinkowski emphasized the profound impact of the Foundation’s work: “This Foundation is impacting lives! When you can provide an opportunity for an individual to try something or to succeed at something they never thought possible due to the obstacles they face that impacts them physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially. Not only for that person, but for their entire circle of caregivers and loved ones. That is impacting lives, and it is invaluable!”

Under Ms. Marcinkowski’s leadership, IM ABLE Foundation looks forward to advancing its mission and empowering individuals of all abilities to thrive through physical activity.

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