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Ivan Cornejo Announces Mirada Tour Stop in Reading

Ivan Cornejo Announces Mirada Tour Stop in Reading

by Santander Arena

20-year-old Música Mexicana break-out star Ivan Cornejo (@ivancornejoo) has announced the MIRADA TOUR in support of his upcoming album.

“I’m so thrilled to start on this new tour, especially as I step into bigger venues and reach new audiences,” Cornejo shared exclusively with VARIETY. “It’s been a while since I’ve released new music, and I can’t wait to share these fresh sounds and heartfelt performances with everyone. This tour feels like a celebration of all the creativity and passion that’s been brewing over the past years.”

Cornejo’s new album ‘MIRADA’ will be released on July 18 via Zaragoza Records / Interscope Records. “My new album represents an exciting evolution and growth of my musical journey,” Cornejo said. “Each track has a blend of my signature style but with a fresh sound that pushes the boundaries of my art.”

Ivan recently co-headlined the Sueños Festival in Chicago. His upcoming festival performances include Milwaukee Summerfest on July 6 and Quebec City’s Festival d’ete on July 13.

Earlier this year, Ivan performed a record-breaking show in front of 72,000 people at a sold-out Rodeo Houston stadium show. The experience was daunting for the introspective then 19-year-old artist who only a couple of years ago was busy on TikTok, posting his confessional songs about having his heart broken in middle school. But the power of his own music – and a devoted fan base – carried him along during the biggest show of his career so far.

“That was the most shaky I’ve ever been during a show,” Cornejo said from his home in Riverside, California – the same place where he taught himself to play the guitar at age 8, watching YouTube videos. “It was a great feeling, but I could also hear my heart pounding. People often ask me if I get nervous onstage. And I do. I feel like, oh shit, this is really happening – but in a super exciting way.”

Cornejo has plenty of reasons to be excited about. His dreamy music – a sophisticated combination of sad sierreño roots and hazy, alternative-rock vibes – resonates with young listeners who identify with his bicultural sensibility, quiet demeanor, and the need to let the songs speak for themselves. With over 1.6 billion combined streams, he is currently a leading música mexicana artist in the U.S. and top 10 in the overall Latin market.

On his latest single, “Baby Please,” he voices out a desperate plea for a second chance in love, evoking the lost kisses of a happier past as pieces of his soul that were robbed away from him and cannot be reclaimed. In a different context, those lyrics could easily sound melodramatic. But Cornejo’s musical instincts are mature beyond his age. The raspy quality of his voice adds a patina of disarming sincerity and grit, surrounded by sobering guitar riffs, an elegant violin line, minimal bass, and percussion. He paints cinematic images in smoky chiaroscuro tones, and the sonic backdrop beautifully contains the passion conveyed with such brutal honesty in the lyrics. Fittingly, the visual for “Baby Please” finds him performing the song on a lonely stage, surrounded by darkness.

2023 marked a bevy of career-defining milestones, including a 46-show tour with performances at Lollapalooza and Austin City Limits. Ivan shattered the record for most tickets ever sold by a Latin artist (dethroning a record held by Vicente Fernandez) at the Toyota Arena in Ontario, CA. Last year, the California singer-songwriter also released the groundbreaking singles “Aquí Te Espero” (85+ Million streams) and “Donde Estas” (60+ Million streams) and signed with Interscope Records.

“Cornejo is leading a new generation of regional Mexican hit-makers that has redefined the sound and look of the decades-old genre.” – BILLBOARD

“If there’s one thing you can expect from Ivan Cornejo, it’s that he’ll get you in your feelings.” – ROLLING STONE

“For an artist who has only been performing live for about two years, Cornejo’s 2023 touring solidified him as a major player within the Latin music scene.” – VMAN

“He’s got this guardedness that somehow makes fans even more attracted to him, an analog soul in an increasingly digital world that feels like gold for young music listeners eager to find some sound to feed their souls.” – PAPER

“Musica Mexicana breakout star” – HYPEBEAST


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