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Experience the Summer Library Tour: The Great Alphabet Adventure

Experience the Summer Library Tour: The Great Alphabet Adventure

by Yocum Institute for Arts Education

The Summer Library Tour, a cherished partnership between Yocum Institute for Arts Education and Berks County Public Libraries, is back to bring engaging arts education, creative performances, and innovative programs directly to local libraries. This partnership has been enriching the community for many years, creating opportunities for connection and learning through the arts.

This year’s featured performance is a one-act fantasy play titled The Great Alphabet Adventure. Running for 40 minutes, this production is designed to captivate a diverse audience, including teens (ages 14-18), pre-teens (ages 11-13), and children (ages 6-10), and is suitable for all ages.


On a rainy afternoon, Alex comes home from school, eager to play video games. When a power outage forces him to read, Alex is convinced he will die of boredom. His perspective changes when Zora, the adventurous new girl next door, discovers Alex’s old picture book, The Great Alphabet Adventure, is mysteriously blank. Together, they embark on a quest to find the missing letters and restore the book. Along the way, Alex’s room transforms into fantastical worlds filled with quirky characters, leading them on an exciting treasure hunt through the alphabet. Through their journey, Alex and Zora learn about the joys of reading and the value of friendship.

Performance Schedule:

Monday, July 15

Tuesday, July 16

Wednesday, July 17

Thursday, July 18

Friday, July 19

Don’t miss this opportunity to join Alex and Zora on their thrilling adventure and celebrate the magic of reading. For more information, please contact Jamie Lambert via email at [email protected].