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Politically Uncorrected: Hamlet on the Potomac

Should we or shouldn’t we? The angst in Washington...

Opinion May 31, 2019

Stormy weather is making me bluer than blue

OK, what’s with all the storm clouds trespassing across...

Opinion May 30, 2019

What’s the deal?

​Picture it. A mid-spring Friday evening in the auditorium...

Opinion May 17, 2019

Politically Uncorrected: Pennsylvania’s Primary Problem

Government in Pennsylvania can seem underwhelming sometimes: the lack...

Opinion May 14, 2019

Memo to smokers passing my house: Butt out!

Once upon a time smoking was not considered a...

Opinion May 08, 2019

The price to park downtown is only cheap in ghost towns

When I was in Catholic grade school and not...

Opinion Apr 23, 2019

Politically Uncorrected: Incivility and its Discontents!

Love and marriage, as the old ditty has it,...

Opinion Apr 17, 2019

Balancing benefits of sun exposure with cancer risk

It’s never fun to be trapped in a paradox,...

Opinion Apr 04, 2019

Franklin & Marshall College Pennsylvania March 2019 Poll

Below are the highlights of the March 2019, Franklin...

Opinion Apr 03, 2019

Politically Uncorrected: Dick Thornburgh and the Three Mile Island Nuclear Accident

The 40th anniversary of the Three Mile Island (TMI)...

Opinion Mar 25, 2019

Well, what are you waiting for?

 Researchers always are looking into something because they’re into...

Community Mar 19, 2019

Lent isn’t a lot of yuks

Circle March 6 on your calendar. That’s when all...

Opinion Feb 26, 2019

The Kondo Effect-Are you uncluttering?

When I meet someone new at a networking function...

Community Feb 22, 2019

Counties Propose “A Different Tomorrow”

Do you know how often you use the services...

Opinion Feb 13, 2019

Who’s Who in Animal Welfare in Pennsylvania?

There is often confusion regarding the various animal welfare...

Opinion Feb 08, 2019

The toast at their wedding must have been a real humdinger

Valentine’s Day is approaching, so it makes even codgers...

Opinion Feb 07, 2019

Politically Uncorrected | Legalizing Marijuana in PA:  A Too Familiar Script

It wasn’t surprising when Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf recently...

Opinion Jan 30, 2019

Here’s hoping that Rams-Patriots is Super-delicious

Well, they’re playing a big football game this Sunday...

Opinion Jan 28, 2019
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