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Health & Wellness

Employment Transition Services 11-05-19

Julie Agnew discusses employment transition services with Rich Weidner....

Health & Wellness Nov 05, 2019

Affordable Access to the Legal System 10-22-19

The beauty of having affordable access to the legal...

Health & Wellness Oct 23, 2019

Death, Loss, Hopelessness, Recovery 10-21-19

EJ and her guest, Sudha Allitt, founder and primary...

Health & Wellness Oct 22, 2019

2019 Senior Expo and Living Aids 10-11-19

Lori Gerhart discusses the upcoming 2019 Senior Expo (October...

Health & Wellness Oct 14, 2019

The POLST Form 10-10-19

Dr. Dan Kimball talks about the POLST (Provider Orders...

Health & Wellness Oct 11, 2019

All About Prevention 10-09-19

Yvonne Stroman and guests discuss the importance of prevention...

Health & Wellness Oct 10, 2019

Domestic Violence Awareness Month 10-08-19

Learn about Domestic Violence Awareness Month and Silent Witness...

Health & Wellness Oct 08, 2019

Medicare and Open Enrollment 10-03-19

Ann Barlet talks about changes in Medicare and Open...

Health & Wellness Oct 04, 2019

Transitioning Into a Senior Living Facility with a Visual Impairment 10-01-19

Mark Levengood discusses transitioning into a senior living facility...

Health & Wellness Oct 01, 2019

Heim Fest 2019 + Upcoming Events 10-01-19

Ann Gilmer and Merry Goodreau review Heim Fest 2019...

Health & Wellness Oct 01, 2019

Asthma 9-12-19

John Keith of the American Lung Association talks with...

Health & Wellness Sep 30, 2019

Weight Loss & Wellness 9-24-19

Find out about weight loss, health and wellness with...

Health & Wellness Sep 25, 2019

Benefits of solar energy and solar panel technology 7-31-19

Leo Cicone, owner of Geoenergy, LLC, discusses solar power...

Health & Wellness Sep 23, 2019

Stair Lifts 9-20-19

Terrisa Faulkner talks with George Van Horn about stair...

Health & Wellness Sep 20, 2019

Banchi 9-16-19

E.J. Jackson welcomes the local musical talent of the...

Health & Wellness Sep 17, 2019

Healthy Transitions Youth & Young Adult Network 9-13-19

Jim Miller talks about Healthy Transitions Youth & Young...

Health & Wellness Sep 13, 2019

Medical Marijuana and Prime Wellness 9-13-19

Lori Gerhart talks about medical marijuana and Prime Wellness’...

Health & Wellness Sep 13, 2019

Stigma Campaign 9-11-19

Yvonne Stroman and guests discus the Stigma Campaign of...

Health & Wellness Sep 12, 2019
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