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IM ABLE and Baseball Charities Announce Partnership to Build Dream League Field Playground

IM ABLE and Baseball Charities Announce Partnership to Build Dream League Field Playground

The IM ABLE Foundation and Baseball Charities have announced a partnership to build an adaptive playground at the new Savage 61 Field of Dreams Complex in Berks County.

“I’m excited to announce the partnership between the IM ABLE Foundation and Baseballtown Charities,” said IM ABLE Foundation Founder Chris Kaag. “I think this is great having two communities come together trying to accomplish great things. It’s going to be a really cool project.”

The playground will create a motivating and encouraging environment that will allow all children including those with physical or cognitive challenges to play together. Children who use a wheelchair, cane or crutches will be able to move freely throughout the playground. The surface of the playground will be rubber tile.

“We try to create as many opportunities to get up on top of playground equipment. If you see a lot of playground equipment, they have sliding boards, etc”, added Kaag. “Unfortunally for people in wheelchairs with canes and crutches, they aren’t able to do that. We want to try to provide an opportunity to have equipment for all children to play together. It won’t be a separate playground.”

In November, Baseballtown Charities announced they were launching the Baseballtown Dream League, providing children with physical and developmental challenges the opportunity to play baseball. To accomplish this, Baseballtown Charities is building the Savage 61 Field of Dreams at Relevant Sports Complex. The special field, with a special surface will be the home to the Baseballtown Dream League. Thanks to this partnership between IM Able Foundation, and Baseballtown Charities, not only will children with physical and developmental challenges be able to play baseball, they will also be able to play on a playground before and after their Baseballtown Dream League games. Further, the IM Able Foundation playground at the Savage 61 Field of Dreams will allow ALL KIDS to play together, and get to know one another.

IM ABLE Foundation was founded in 2007 by Chris Kaag, a disabled United States Marine. The mission of the IM ABLE Foundation is to remove obstacles that prevent people affected by disabilities from being physically active by providing grants, resources, fitness opportunities and motivation. We change attitudes about the potential of disabled individuals by redefining what is possible.

About Baseballtown Charities’ Dream League

Baseballtown Charities’ Dream League is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in Reading, Pa. that focuses on making dreams come true one pitch at a time. Since 2002, Baseballtown Charities has worked to build inclusive baseball diamonds as well as bonds between players, teammates and supportive communities. For more information, go to