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Mayor Eddie Moran and Reading Parking Authority Announce Changes Due to Coronavirus Outbreak

By Executive Office Of The Mayor

Mayor Eddie Moran and Reading Parking Authority Announce Changes Due to Coronavirus Outbreak

Reading, PA –  Mayor Eddie Moran and The Reading Parking Authority (RPA) have announced the temporary suspension of certain parking enforcement ordinances and procedures. Furthermore, the RPA has announced that it will reduce operations to essential functions from March 18-31 to help minimize person-to-person contact and to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 virus.


RPA will temporarily enforcement for the following parking ordinances

● Issuance of new tickets discontinued. (Except as noted below)

● Residential Permit Parking (RPP) permits.

● Suspension of parking meter enforcement.

Fines and Fees:

Until further notice the RPA will take the following the actions:

● Suspend new late penalties on citations.

● Extend deadlines for submitting citation protests.

● No Barnacles or boots will be placed on cars from March 18-31st.

● Grace period of fine payment from March 18-31st.

Public Safety:

The City of Reading will continue to enforce parking ordinances that impact health and safety:

● Fire hydrant zones.

● Yellow zones; and “No Stopping” or “No Parking” zones.

● Blocked driveways and double parking.

● Parking in Bus Stop Lanes.

● Handicap zones/spaces.

Parking Garages:

RPA will allow residents to park their cars free of charge 24/7 for next 2 weeks.

Mayor Moran had this to say about RPA’s decision, “[During the press conference] I announced the decision to open all city garages free of charge. As a follow-up and taking into account the Governor’s message to close all non-essential businesses, The City has decided to suspend RPA operations for the next 14 days. What this means in practical terms is that, the city is temporarily suspending certain parking enforcement ordinances and procedures. Specifically, the issuance of new tickets, residential parking permits, and parking meter enforcement.

Mayor Moran and RPA are taking these extraordinary measures because they understand that these are unprecedented times. The Mayor recognizes that many people will not be working, or working from home which will lead to more cars on the street. In addition, many individuals and families may not receive income for the foreseeable future. Finally, it is the morally right thing to do.”

Mayor Moran added further, “This is one way the City of Reading and the RPA are being good neighbors to our residents. However, we need all of our residents to play their part to ensure that we maintain the health and safety.”

RPA Board Chairmen, Frank Denbowski added, “Working in collaboration with our board, and Mayor Eddie Moran, we have made the decision to encourage our residents to stay home, and alleviate any financial burdens they may have for individuals who will be without income or limited income for the days and weeks ahead.”

Denbowski further noted, “We will continue to have discussions with the Mayor and Managing Director Pedro Cortes on how we proceed moving forward.”

Lastly, RPA Executive Director Nathan Matz pointed out the following regarding the Authority’s collaboration with Mayor Moran’s administration, “The Reading Parking Authority understands parking availability is vital to Reading residents and businesses and is doing everything possible to accommodate them. Parking at all RPA facilities is free effective now through 8:00 AM on April 1. This measure went into effect at 4 PM on March 16 at the request of Reading Mayor Eddie Moran.

Matz added further, “The RPA will continue to monitor this situation and work with all state and local officials as the situation unfolds. The following information is subject to change as this situation continues to evolve. Please visit for the most current information.”

To learn more about Berks County’s response COVID-19 please visit For city services, please contact the citizen service center at: 1877-727-3234. They can also be reached by email at: [email protected], and via the Reading iRequest application. For information regarding the Reading Parking Authority, please visit their website at