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Reading Public Library Welcomes Back In-Person Programs

by Reading Public Library

Reading Public Library Welcomes Back In-Person Programs

In-person programming has fully returned at all four branches of Reading Public Library.  Nancy Maurer, Children’s Library Manager, expressed the following in regards to the pleasure this comeback is bringing library staff, “We are very excited for the return to in-person programming.  With children spending so much time on screens and in their homes, parents are looking for opportunities for them to interact with others in a fun, safe environment.  By returning to live programs, we are giving our families the chance to benefit from all our library services, including fun and educational programming.”

According to Jennifer Bressler, Assistant Director for Public Service, “In-person programming has slowly returned with a full resumption of activities planned for spring and summer.  At the same time, we are building on the lessons learned during the pandemic to expand virtual offerings and broaden our reach.  Story times and yoga classes are two virtual activities that have thrived with virtual presentations.  Other programs such as the Cinema Club and Great Decisions that are organized through Main library will pilot hybrid versions offering both virtual and in-person options.”

RPL is offering a varied and culturally rich array of programming for all ages.  Adult book clubs are being offered in the libraries and off-sight including Club de Lectura Para Mujeres at the Southeast Branch and “For the Culture” focusing on authors of color. Main Library’s Adult Book Club and Cinema Club each offer classics and new releases.

Intergenerational activities for families include chess and painting clubs among others.  Youth activities include cooking with “Food for Thought” and Story time Yoga.  And, of course, children cannot wait to return to “Slime Saturday.”  The library’s Northwest Branch offers one-on-one story times as part of their “Autism Acceptance Program.”  Emily McNulty, Manager of the Southeast Branch,, explained the importance of returning to in-person programming as follows, “We find that for children’s programs, our families much prefer in-person. The spontaneous reactions that happen with kids and staff in the library are hard to duplicate virtually. It’s just more fun, joyful, and engaging to be in the same room together.”

For more information on upcoming programs throughout Reading Public Library go to: