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BCTV Launches June Campaign for Men’s Health Month

by Bree Zele, Berks Community Television

BCTV Launches June Campaign for Men’s Health Month

Men’s health is a rising issue across the United States. According to Banner Health, some health concerns and diseases that are more prevalent in men include hypertension, heart disease, Parkinson’s diseases, melanoma, and prostate cancer, which may be in part caused by lack of self-care in men.

BCTV’s Men’s Health Campaign aims to inform the community and raise awareness around men’s self-care and well-being to combat these male-centric diseases. BCTV will be sharing important information about men’s health throughout the month of June, including facts and statistic about specific diseases, tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and body, and links to resources for more information.

Berks Community Television is committed to improving the health and well-being of the Berks County community. We encourage everyone to join us in this important effort by following our social media platforms throughout the month of May. You can follow us on Instagram @bctv_org and like our Facebook page at

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