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What kind of president will Trump be? Only God knows

What kind of president will Trump be? Only God knows

It is the ultimate question of our time.

What kind of president will Donald Trump be?

To be blunt, I doubt if anybody knows, including Trump.

The man is spontaneously combustible and backtracks more frequently than an NFL cornerback.

Trump has said he likes to be unpredictable and he absolutely is that.

Most folks are day to day. Trump is minute to minute.

Tether his notorious thin skin to his mercurialness and you worry that this is the guy who soon will be in charge of our nuclear codes.

He is the ultimate riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma stuffed in a fortune cookie.

Will the real Donald Trump please stand up in the Oval Office?

The possibilities run the gamut, depending on his performance and leadership, between being a transformative leader and an abject failure.

The presidency has a tendency to reveal the greatness in an individual — if it is present.

Trump’s erratic transition on the heels of his chaotic campaign has all of us guessing just what the hell we are in for.

His pick-and-mix approach since his victory has the country wondering whether it will get a statesman, a businessman or a provocateur.

His words and demeanor can be equally responsible and irresponsible.

The Republicans will control the White House and both the House and Senate but don’t expect the next four years to be a cruise of the Good Ship Lollipop.

The disconnect between Trump and congressional Republican leadership could make for an awkward situation — compounded by some Democrats who are downright nauseous about the very thought of Trump as president .

Extrapolating matters, Trump keeps tweeting eye-rolling remarks that are so non-presidential.

Washington, Lincoln and FDR must be rolling over in their graves.

Another concern some have: Do we really want our president to also be the president of the Vladimir Putin fan club?

Of course, there is a huge chasm between campaigning and governing.

Trump hardly was the unvarnished voice of sanity or the policy savant on the election trail, but he didn’t have to be.

His mystique and galvanic personality illuminated his path to the presidency.

But that was then and this is now.

It is time for him to put his lightning rod in mothballs.

It is time for Trump the Disruptor to exit stage left, uh, right.

The commander in chief, by definition, is not a rabble-rouser.

Once in the White House, Trump needs to be more measured than tumultuous, more consistent than sporadic, and able to filter out ambiguity as if it were loose hair.

He no longer is quarterbacking The Celebrity Apprentice.

He no longer is building hotels, casinos and golf courses.

He hopefully is building our future.

For all our sake, I hope he has a trump card or two under his expensive sleeve.