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A Memorial Day salute to all those who have fallen so we can stand free

A Memorial Day salute to all those who have fallen so we can stand free

There seems to have been convulsions in the world ever since Cain knocked out Abel and turned Paradise into Tumult.

Consequently, we seem to spend each day at the barricades as seething agendas collide like bumper cars on steroids.

Americans since our earliest settlers always have been more than willing and able to fight the good fight when tough times surface like pus-filled pores of venom.

Which is why on Memorial Day we should all take pause from our multitude of amusements and pay homage to all those brave men and women who transcended the perimeters of the noblest sacrifice.

It’s easy to forget what Memorial Day actually means while we’re sitting by the pool, grilling burgers and looking ahead to vacation season — but the day signifies much more than just a three-day weekend and the unofficial beginning of summer.

Freedom is not a motherless child. It is the precious offspring of all our war dead who deserve mythopoetic status.

In death, they truly are larger than life and linear descendants of those Revolutionary War soldiers who gave birth to the home of the brave.

We should never allow their valor and courage to vanish from our consciousness like puffs of smoke. Men and women who lay down their lives for America should never become mere footnotes to history.

Which is why we should never lose sight of Memorial Day’s true purpose.