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Organic Nutrition and You

Dec 12, 2017 • by Jordan Perry, Alvernia University, citizen contributor
Nutrition Facts

Do you ever wonder if you are eating the best possible food for your body or if you could be eating foods that are better for you? Many people are realizing that there are better foods for your, body making the transition from non-organic foods to organic foods. There is big controversy whether organic foods are actually better for you. Not only do people believe it is better for your body, but people tend to turn to more organic products when trying to lose weight as well. Here is a look at the opinions of people and their thoughts on organic foods.

There are many reasons why people choose organic foods over non-organic foods. When asked do you buy organic food a local Berks County resident, Denise Dimascio, answered yes. Then I asked why do you buy organic food over conventional foods, she answered, “I buy organic food because one, I don’t want all the chemicals and pesticides on my fruits and vegetables. Secondly, I don’t want meat that has been raised with many antibiotics. I chose organic foods because I want to be healthier.”

With a big transition of people turning to organic foods many say they have seen results from it. Another resident, Kelly Ryan, answered yes to eating organic food. I asked her if she has seen results from eating organically and she answered, “Yes I have seen results, I think the food taste better and it is better for my body”. There are many studies that have been done to show that by eating organic food you will see results with your body. A study of about 54,000 adults of the French-Belgium Nutrienet-Sainté cohort reported that “regular consumers of organic food had a substantially lower risk of being overweight or obese”.

On the other hand, there are those people who don’t eat organic foods. A student-athlete at Alvernia University, Kiersten Ingram, reported she does not eat organic food. I had asked, would you be opposed to trying an organic diet and she answered, ” I never really thought of the idea but since I am an athlete, I would not be opposed to it knowing that I would be putting better foods into my body”. Even though not all people are eating organic foods or not familiar with them, they are willing to explore the idea and try it out.

Even though buying organic food is expensive, it does not stop people from buying it. Many people believe that it is truly better for you and will continue their diet organically. There are also others who do not eat organically but are not opposed to the idea of it. Many studies have been done proving that eating organically is better for you by getting your body the nutrients you need, maintaining a healthy weight, and giving you an overall better feeling body. With the growth of people transitioning from conventional foods to organic foods, people are starting to be happier and live a healthier life.

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