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Literary and visual art come together in Studio B’s “Let’s Rant”

Literary and visual art come together in Studio B’s “Let’s Rant”

Studio B, 39A East Philadelphia Avenue in Boyertown, PA, is pleased to announce the opening of “Let’s Rant,” the studio’s fifth annual show and book release combining literary and visual art.

The exhibit opens March 16, 2018, with a reception from 5:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m. and runs through April 15, 2018.

The exhibit is sponsored by the Effenesse Foundation, formerly the Biesecker Foundation, a foundation established by Suzanne K. and the late Fred Biesecker.

Prize awards for artists and writers are offered by the exhibit’s jurors Lesley and Robert Misko.

The exhibit and book will showcase the writers’ and artists’ pet peeves. People, places, things, and ideas that frustrate or annoy are subjects of the prose and poetry and rendered visually by the artists.

“Complaining is a popular pastime as a human being,” Stahl continued. “I figured knowing one another’s ‘hot spots’ was an effective ‘getting to know you’ exercise and satisfying for the artist to share his and her triggers.”

“I encouraged all kinds of venting: all-out attacks on people, places, things, and ideas; snarky observations; subtle jabs; wishful prayers for change; heartfelt whines and whimpers against the Universe…toward anything or anyone that poses a challenge to our peace of mind,” explained Jane Stahl, Studio B’s Director of Community Relations.

“I was also hopeful that our artists would take the opportunity to include a piece of advice or insight for those who will follow them, some advice for their younger selves should they be able go back in time. What insights would they share?”

A booklet of prose, poetry, and illustrations edited by Stahl and designed by Susan Biebuyck, gallery director, featuring the work of local writers and artists, will be offered for sale in addition to the fine art offered in the exhibit.