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Clay on Main Exhibit Celebrating 10th year: Working Surface: Indulging in Appearances

Clay on Main Exhibit Celebrating 10th year: Working Surface: Indulging in Appearances

Clay on Main will showcase works by local artists in a new exhibit, “Working Surface: Indulging in Appearances,” opening Sunday, May 20th from 4-6pm, and up through June 17th.  In the ten years since Clay on Main’s inception, many artists have shown work in the community art center’s three-room gallery.  These artists have become friends and supporters of Clay on Main’s mission, and have worked closely with the studio to exhibit their perfect show.  “This spring,” explains Lisa Gauker, curator, “We wanted to craft an exhibit celebrating ten years of nails in the walls, focused lighting, postcard mailings, artist discussions, creative gatherings, and gallery openings.  We reached out to some familiar faces to once again exemplify why they love working with Clay on Main.”

 In every great exhibit a theme runs strong, with the relationships between pieces highlighting layers of meaning and contextualizing work.  “It was only natural after reaching out to friends and guest artists at Clay on Main that the exhibit would focus on surface treatments, since it’s an interest many of us share,” explained Dolores Kirschner, Clay on Main’s founder and a participant in the show.  Viewers can expect to see delicate and smoky vessels from Mary Ann Conway, thoughtful abstract works on canvas from Ron Schira, and chiseled and craggy vessels unearthed from the deep by Dolores Kirschner, just to name a few.  Each of the nearly one dozen artists exhibiting in this show work heavily within the idea of surface, and each are connected in past and present terms with Clay on Main as an organization.  The show includes a diverse selection of media- photography, ceramics, painting, sculpture, encaustic, and more, and brings together artists who may not have shown together at any other point, providing an opportunity to see a wide array of works in a brand new light.  “Working Surface: Indulging in Appearances” brings to the foreground juicy textures, gentle compositions, and thoughtful color play that these artists use to bring their works to life, in a space that artists and viewers have come to love.

Artists included in this show (in alphabetical order): James Carrol; Mary Ann Conway; Rhonda Counts; Ben DeMott; Lisa Gauker; Dolores Kirschner; Pirjo L’Esperance; Ron Schira; Joshua Steffy; Barbara Thun, and Bonnie Wren.

Clay on Main is a non-profit artists’ cooperative, located at 313 Main St in the historic village of Oley. The studio offers art instruction and gallery space for local artists, as well as live music and more.  Clay on Main houses a complete clay studio, a stained and fused glass studio, a live performance venue, and a yoga room, in addition to the co-op and gallery.  Clay on Main is open to the public on Sundays from 1-4; Tuesdays from 10-2, Wednesdays from 12:30-7:30, and Fridays and Saturdays from 10-2.  Additional viewing of the gallery can be arranged by appointment.