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All Things Winter Fashion

All Things Winter Fashion

With winter fast approaching, updating your wardrobe is a must. The change of the season means a change in fashion. And fashion shows all around the globe are showing new trends. Embracing the new fashion trends could make you the fashionista everywhere you go.

The fall and winter seasons usher in new trends, relatively opposite to those shown in the spring and summer. Rightfully so, the idea is to remain warm in the cool season and cool in the warm seasons. Although we see clear contrasts between seasons, some fashions are being adapted to be a year-round element of your closet. The most obvious and effective trend that is welcomed in the fall/winter season is layering. Layering is the way to mix different textures, colors, and designs. You get a completely different look through layering that is both warm and fashionable.

Fall and winter tend to have a different color scheme compared to the spring and summer fashion. Where we tend to see bright colors in the summer, natural and cool colors, like browns, take over our winter wardrobes.

Another trend showing now are animal prints. According to WhoWhatWear UK, animal prints were shown on runways in major cities, such as New York City and Paris. Alongside leopard-print coats and shoes, there were plenty of snake, zebra and cheetah patterns, WWW UK’s Seasonal Trend Report states.

Fur seems to be the fashion that is forever in the fall and winter seasons. The ultimate goal is to be fashionable, while also staying warm during the season. Fur is the style that does both. Fur comes in many different styles. People use fur to accessorize their outfit. For example, everyone is well aware of fur coats. However, there are also fur vests, which are lighter than a coat. Fur accessories include cuffs, collars, stoles, and shawls. While these accessories do not make your entire outfit like a fur coat might, they add little touches of fur to make your outfit winter ready.

Pollack Fashion Outerwear, a local fur service store, knows how to prepare for the season ahead. Judy Pollack agrees that there is “nothing warmer” than fur. When asked why fur has remained in style, she responded, “Fashion has no warrant.” Judy Pollack also gave insight into the distinctions between faux fur and real fur. “Unfortunately, faux fur doesn’t have the same look as real fur. There’s no movement. It’s stiff,” Pollack says. Pollack also mentioned how environmentally-friendly real fur is. “While people may say, ‘Fur is terrible’, faux fur is not biodegradable,” Pollack says. According to, real fur is organic. Faux fur, which is made from petrochemicals, does not break down easily, much like plastics.

According to an article from the weather channel, this area experienced an Arctic blast within the first week of this year. The Arctic blast set record cold temperatures up and down the eastern coast. Sunday, Jan. 7, Philadelphia tied its record low temperature of four degrees.

Because history tends to repeat itself, it is time to get started on your wardrobe. Stocking your closet with all things furry and warm will prepare you for the upcoming season.