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Dealing with Weather Emergencies

from The Federal Trade Commission

Dealing with Weather Emergencies

Hurricane season began on June 1. It’s one thing to prepare your family, pets, and property for extreme weather situations. It’s another to protect your personal information and finances from scammers who use weather emergencies to cheat people.

Preparing for a Weather Emergency

Extreme weather and natural disasters can occur with little warning. Are you ready to leave your home at a moment’s notice?

Make a Plan

You can reduce your anxiety by making sure you are prepared if, and when, they happen. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Organize Your Finances

In a disaster, financial readiness is as important as a flashlight with fully charged batteries. Leaving your home can be stressful, but knowing that your financial documents are up to date, in one place, and portable can make a big difference. If you’re missing important documents, now’s the time to replace them.

For more financial readiness tips, download FEMA’s Emergency Financial First Aid Kit.

Staying Alert to Disaster-related Scams

Dealing with the aftermath of a wildfire, flood, hurricane, tornado, or other disaster is never easy. But knowing how to recognize and avoid common scams can help you protect your finances and personal information.

If you think you see a scam, talk with someone. Your story could help someone avoid that scam. Then report it to the Federal Trade Commission at Your report could help the FTC stop the scammers.

Getting Back on Your Feet Financially

After a disaster, you may have left home without IDs, checks, credit and debit cards, and other documents. And you might not have access to a bank account or paycheck for a while. These tips and list of contactsmay help you regain your financial footing.

Contacting Your Insurance Company

Managing Money

Managing Credit

Replacing Damaged or Lost Documents

Here’s where to go to replace these important documents:


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