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Signs and symptoms of bullying & suicide

by The Camel Project

Dec 12, 2019

As we gather to celebrate and enjoy the holidays with friends and family we wanted to ask you to look for the signs and symptoms of bullying & suicide. Many of our youth are suffering in silence. and the holidays can cause out of character behaviors. As we look out for changes in our elders, we ask you to do the same for our youth. Being bullied is associated with an increased risk of experiencing anxiety and depression and a strongly increased association with suicidal thoughts and self-harm behaviors. 1,2

The signs and symptoms are written all over them, we need to learn how to read the signs. Most youths discuss plans to harm others or themselves.

Be present and calm
Be non-judgemental
Be quiet and listen

According to the American Psychological Association and The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, warning signs that may indicate suicidal thoughts include:

  • Talking about suicide, even in general terms, or seeming focused on thoughts of death and dying
  • Showing changes in sleeping or eating patterns
  • Giving away cherished belongings to friends and family
  • Showing a drastic change in habits and behaviors
  • No longer wanting to engage with friends and family
  • No longer seems to get pleasure from activities that were previously enjoyed
  • Making a will
  • Increases drinking or drug use
  • Starts engaging in risky behaviors
  • Stops caring about how she or she looks3
  • Acquiring a gun or other means to commit suicide
  • Visible signs of depression, such as persistent sadness, pessimism and sense of hopelessness4
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