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Album Review: Red Moon – KARD

By Rachel Carraghan, Albright College

Sep 10, 2021

The Context:

Looking for a perfect summer dance playlist? Well, get ready because here’s KARD with their Korean twist on reggaeton, R&B, and Moombahton! Debuting in 2016 under the DSP Media company, the group assembled to be one of the few co-ed crews in the K-pop music industry. Ironically enough, they gained their popularity from South America and not Korea due to the danceable Moombahton groove that their fans thoroughly enjoyed. However, the fans known as ‘Hidden KARD’ made it possible for the groups worldwide acceptance in 2017 with their first EP “Hola Hola”, making the World Album charts at Number 3. KARD mainly focuses on the smooth and grit tones of their own voices to showcase their own personalities and styles. Different from other co-ed groups like AKMU and Triple H, their label completely reinvented the music conversion of two different cultures.

Currently, the members are working individually while they wait for their fellow member J. Seph to come back from required military enlistment. However, reflecting on their 2020 album Red Moon positively reached the 8th position in Billboards hits and sales. With their trendy and catchy hits, the group doesn’t hold back on what they’re capable of. Instead of being scene as the ‘guinea pig’ co-ed rookie group of 2016, they quickly proved themselves with their rare Korean-Latin American vibe that caters to every dancer and listener in the world.

The Content:

The mini-album, Red Moon contains 5 tracks of different styles, starting with “Go Baby,” a tropical reggaeton mix incorporated with some aggressive funky tempos to dance to. This album demonstrates the simplicity of twists on cultural music through quirky tunes and snappy beats. Some may listen to it as a music club dynamic mixed with a rock n’ roll aesthetic. BM’s and J. Seph’s gravelly rapping skills are complimented by Somin’s and Jiwoo’s intense and sassy style. The album itself reflects on romantic relationships and the stigma of dating in the K-pop industry. “Red Moon” contributes specifically through a Latin American vibe and shows the fiery side of what their dramatic style is about.

The Skinny:

Complimenting each musical culture with an intense respect and cohesive narrative, KARD is easily considered one of the best K-pop co-ed groups today. The mini album encourages listeners to get up and dance, with multiple different electro house beats, “Red Moon” and “Dumb Litty” carrying that image positively through the world of dance. Applying their charisma and confidence to create their music, they devote their abilities to take risks while using new styles and finessing unique genres of music. KARD doesn’t disappoint their fans with the synth-EDM and passionate reggaeton/moombahton mix that powers their captivating music.

The Rating – 7.5/10

Red Moon

  1. “Go Baby”
  2. “Red Moon”
  3. “Enemy”
  4. “Inferno”
  5. “Dumb Litty”

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