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Sheetz Increases Tuition Assistance for All Employees

by Sheetz

Sheetz Increases Tuition Assistance for All Employees

Sheetz, a major Mid-Atlantic restaurant and convenience chain, announced it will now provide $5,250 per year ($2,625 per semester) to employees who are enrolled in the company’s College Tuition Reimbursement program. This is a $3,750 per year increase from the amount Sheetz previously offered through the program.

All Sheetz employees are eligible to participate in this program, which was launched nearly 30 years ago by Sheetz to encourage employees to further their education and provide continued career development opportunities.

“Investing in our employees personally and professionally is an important pillar of our culture,” said Stephanie Doliveira, VP of Human Resources at Sheetz. “Through this tuition reimbursement investment, we hope to lighten the financial burden of attending college for our employees, while also encouraging them to grow their careers with Sheetz.”

Since 2012, Sheetz has processed more than 7,000 applications to its College Tuition Reimbursement program. This tuition reimbursement increase is effective for all employees starting this semester. Sheetz expects to receive approximately 400 applications to the program for the fall semester.

“Sheetz’s tuition reimbursement program has been beneficial to me as I continue my education,” said Vanessa Rose Casado, Employee Relations Specialist for Sheetz. “It has helped me relieve the financial burden of paying for classes and has allowed me to focus on juggling school, work and my family. It also pushed me to work harder to make my work family proud.”

“The program has helped me minimize my student loans by helping me pay for next semester’s tuition. The program has also helped me buy books for next semester,” said Dana Long, System Support Technician for Sheetz, who has utilized the program previously and is currently looking to continue her education because of the tuition reimbursement increase.

Through the program, Sheetz also partners with 27 colleges and universities to arrange tuition discounts for employees. Additionally, Sheetz offers multiple scholarships to Sheetz employees, their children and stepchildren through the company’s own scholarship program, The Big Joe Scholarship Fund.

In an effort to continue investing in its employees, Sheetz also offers competitive pay and benefits packages to employees, including medical and dental insurance, a 401(k) retirement plan, quarterly bonuses, an employee stock ownership plan, vacation time and more.