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Reading Police Department Arrest School Contractor

by City of Reading Police Department

Reading Police Department Arrest School Contractor
Jeremy Kreiser

The Reading Police Department Criminal Investigations Division is releasing the following information relating to an arrest made on 01/11/2022.

On 01/10/2022 an individual, later identified as Jeremy Kreiser (34 Years Old) contacted an undercover police social media account and engaged in an inappropriate conversation with a law enforcement officer posing as a 13 y.o. female. Kreiser also identified himself as working as a contractor at Reading Elementary Schools. Kreiser is not an employee of the Reading School District.

On 01/11/2022. Kreiser attempted to lure the 13 year old female into meeting him outside of the elementary school where he was working. When Kreiser took physical steps towards meeting the juvenile he was taken into custody and the School District was immediately informed of the situation. Investigators took immediate action in this case to apprehend Kreiser as quickly as possible and remove him from the Schools.

Kreiser is being charged with Attempted Unlawful Contact of a Minor and attempted indecent assault.