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Album Review: Chasing Moonlight – Canetis

by Krystal Perez, Albright College

Album Review: Chasing Moonlight – Canetis

Buffalo-based Alternative Rock band, Canetis, is made up of five members that all play a different band role. Their music blends indie rock melodies with catchy guitar riffs, spurring bass lines, and addictive drum beats. Giving ‘The All-American Rejects’ or ‘Sum 41’ sound in vocals and instruments, it takes me back to the good old days of the early 2000s when I could just kick my feet up and rock out.

Their latest five piece EP, ‘Chasing Moonlight’ is just short of twenty minutes, but is the perfect album for car rides. Each song has a time and a place to be heard, creating individual atmospheres for specific occasions. The opening track “Reconsider,” helps describe what is represented in the eyes of Canetis; with the opening line, “Chasing Moonlight, lost since 94”, it suggests that this “chase” has been going on for a long time. This track contains all the elements that make up the band; blaring guitar leads, a heavy drum presence, and lead singer Brendon Hoare’s up-tune vocal presence. Yet, the melodious chorus, “Cut my losses, lines keep crossing, flames won’t fade to gray,” indicates a hidden hurt behind this high-energy pop/rock song. (I always find it so ironic that the most upbeat songs harbor the most pain, and don’t even get noticed because of the music).

Reconsider” isn’t the only highlight of this EP. Track two, “Balancing Act,” combines groovy guitar rhythms with lively hooks to create that early 2000s pop-punk rock nostalgia. The next track, “Daydreamer,” stages the perfect atmosphere for holding back everything you wanted to say or do. Building on that feeling of restraint and keeping it in your head, zoning everything out to keep the peace. The following track, “Whenever,” slightly switches it up with the acoustic guitar throughout the song. The soft strumming creates a blissful sense of healing, blended with the misfortunes of the process in the lyrics. The outro, “Falling Through,” expresses the endless cycle they have been living in. Showing no indication of this “chase for moonlight” coming to an end, just repeating over and over in a hamster wheel loop. Giving hints of frustration due to being stuck, regardless of the efforts being put in. I think I know now why the EP is named the way it is, because you can chase moonlight, but will never catch it.