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Albright College Adds Vocal Performance Co-Major

by Albright College

Albright College Adds Vocal Performance Co-Major

Albright College has added an innovative co-major in vocal performance to its full slate of undergraduate majors and minors. Aspiring vocal artists who envision careers in the worlds of musical theatre, opera, jazz and pop will train together through a series of vocal skills courses and performing opportunities designed to prepare singers to meet the needs of various arenas within the contemporary music industry.

Singing artists will personalize their Albright College vocal performance degree by combining vocal and performance skill work with a co-major in a second area, such as theatre, music industry, music production, biology, psychology, etc., and enter professional careers as varied as performance, music education and speech pathology.

Nearly half of Albright students take advantage of Albright’s distinctive co-major programs, which enable students to cross or combine different programs, without taking longer to graduate. Artistically-minded high school students are encouraged to submit portfolios and apply for Albright College Talent Awards in the areas of vocal and instrumental music, as well as creative writing, journalism, electronic digital instrument, music business, arts administration, theatre, visual and digital art, fashion and costume design.

In addition to taking part in Albright’s active performance groups and musical productions, students will benefit from an innovative Vocal Performance Studio – the creative epicenter of this innovative co-major. The studio serves as an experiential lab where singing artists perform for and with each other, encouraging the practical application of skills, techniques and vocabularies introduced in Albright courses.

“We can’t wait to welcome the next generation of singing artists into our new vocal performance co-major here at Albright College, said Jeffrey Lentz, senior artist in residence. “My colleagues and I began the design process for this innovative training program by asking ourselves what skills and experiences we wish we had been exposed to from our training programs when we were their age – preparing to enter the music world. With flexibility and vision, we will work side by side with our students to deepen their artistry and broaden their creative horizons.”

Named a top national college by Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education, Albright College (founded 1856) is home to a diverse community of learners who cultivate integrity, curiosity, connection and resilience. Through learning experiences that engage a student’s creative and innovative capacities across all disciplines, both inside and outside of the classroom, an Albright College education guarantees that each student learns how to engage the world, understand the world, and is prepared to make an impact on a rapidly changing world. Located in Reading, Pa., Albright is home to undergraduate students, adult learners and graduate students.