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Why We Should Travel While We’re Young

Nov 09, 2017 • by Gillian Bodnar, Alvernia University, citizen contributor
Travel & Adventure

One of the most significant experiences we can give ourselves while we are young is travel. Traveling is an adventure of a lifetime that opens us up to up to new cultures, relationships, and perspective of life. We enrich ourselves through new experiences and exposure to new places. “Everyday I would wake up so excited to start the day because of all the new things I was learning and all the new places and things I was seeing.”-Caitlyn Kline, a DeSales University student who previously studied abroad in London, England.The aspect of traveling allows us to explore how we are in a new environment and encourage us to challenge ourselves with the world around us. “Adjusting to a new culture, whether it’s for a week or an entire semester, is tough in the beginning, but when you do there is a new-found confidence in yourself”-Joao Pedro Ricken, a Brazilian resident.When we allow ourselves to be faced with challenges we develop new skills. When we travel begin to adjust to a lifestyle of that culture, which could include finding a coffee shop that you like or having to navigate around the city. As we develop these new skills, we become more confident in who we are and the way we deal with problems. The challenges we are faced with also can open our eyes to new perspectives. Everyone sees the world differently, and understanding how someone else looks at the world versus the way you look at the world will help to understand different cultures. When we travel, we are getting a greater grip on reality and understanding of the life that is happening outside of our own.The relationships we develop while traveling are what helps us see the world in a new view, which is why it is essential to create international relationships because that is also what can give major opportunities. “To be abroad is one of the most amazing experiences that I have ever experienced. At first, I was scared to leave my friends and family and go to a different country completely alone, but the people you meet while traveling are so welcoming and make you feel comfortable in a place that becomes your home for a five months. ”-Julia Peña, a Syracuse University student, currently studying in Madrid, Spain.Out of all the things travel can offer us, the most important thing it can give is the experience to learn who we are. As we are facing challenges, and creating relationships, we learn about our strengths and weaknesses, and how to better ourselves. “Traveling ultimately is an opportunity that you want to completely emerge yourself into because you just become a more aware person. The opportunity pushes you to see what you can do to improve your lifestyle through meeting other people and new opportunities, and to do it while you’re young will only benefit you in your life.”-Mark Dressel, Infrastructure Program Management, Acquisitions & Diversities at Johnson & Johnson. Taking advantage of traveling while we’re young is an adventure that will only benefit you in the end. We can travel, therefore we should travel. 

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