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And just who put time on fast forward?

And just who put time on fast forward?

Let’s face it: We’re all time travelers and time is whooshing past us at warp speed.

Once you pass 60, time shifts into ludicrous speed.

For instance, I just burped after finishing Thanksgiving dinner and now it’s suddenly spring. I might as well remain seated at the dinner table because Thanksgiving will be coming around again at any moment.

Life is one gigantic carousel and we’re all along for the ride. Hopefully we don’t wind up as unclaimed baggage. While we’re going in circles, hopefully the merry-go-round music is uplifting.

Yep, the sun comes up at dawn and sets at dusk. Over and over again, like a metronome. The sun seemingly goes up and down more rapidly than our heartbeats.

Granted, life was designed to be as fleeting and unpredictable as a ricocheting bullet. Otherwise, we all would be knee deep in boring, decrepit ancestors.

Still, knowing all of that, it does seem as if life is one big spin cycle. And we’re all stuck in the net like tuna caught at sea.

It seemed just yesterday that I got a chance to lie down on the beach and burnish my suntan. I loved turning golden. Then my skin betrayed me. The sun would make it red and shed like a snake.

Today my skin is as pale as a pearl handle because I’m swathed in a vat of sunblock whenever I venture outside. Even on cloudy days.

Of course, with time zipping by, body parts beneath my skin likely have developed a stone-dust pallor. I soon may have to throw a pair of ER lifesaving shock paddles into my trunk, right next to the jumper cables.

Gravity accelerates as we age, transforming once rock-hard muscles into mashed potatoes as we sag and stoop.

Well, enough of this timely reverie. After all, I simply must stop sitting alone in my cubicle at the end of the world. Because when you’re on the clock, time is too precious to waste.