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Local Author Initiates Art and Activism

Local Author Initiates Art and Activism

(Reading, Pa) – Local Berks County author Annette Garber addresses bullying, physical disabilities, unemployment, among other issues surrounding art and activism through her book, “Quite The Same”. Garber wants younger generations to be more aware of different issues faced by children around the world. Along with this, book proceeds will go to the International Justice Mission, the organization helps victims of human trafficking. Garber hopes by reaching to children, they will be more proactive and fight against the issues raised in the book.

“My hope, first of all, is that children who read this book will know that no matter what difficulty they may be facing, they are not alone in their pain. Secondly, I hope to foster a greater sense of empathy in young readers for those who look and live differently than they do, reminding them that deep down we are really quite the same.”

Quite The Same was inspired by Garber’s family introducing her to diversity and cultures during her childhood. Growing up people from different backgrounds were welcomed into her family home. She later started working with children, including her own, to put the book together in order to better relate to her audience. Annette divides her time between tutoring middle school students at Wilson Southern Middle School and multilingual college students at RACC, and writing poetry and children’s books. Annette is interested in the intersection of art and activism, weaving her love of the earth, cultural diversity, and social justice into her writing.  She wrote her first children’s book with the intention to foster compassion and an appreciation for diversity in children, and, with the sales of her book, has donated over $4000 to International Justice Mission, a non-profit organization working to bring an end to slavery in our world.  Annette plans to begin offering educational presentations and workshops to young learners around the themes in her book, while continuing to donate book proceeds to International Justice Mission.

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