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Pennie™ Opens a COVID-19 Enrollment Period Which Will Run Until May 15

by Pennie

Pennie™ Opens a COVID-19 Enrollment Period Which Will Run Until May 15

Uninsured Pennsylvanians or those affected by COVID-19 can visit and enroll in a plan through May 15.

Uninsured Pennsylvanians can act now and enroll in 2021 coverage during Pennie’s COVID-19 Enrollment Period. Pennie, Pennsylvania’s state-based health insurance marketplace, is proud to provide individuals across the Commonwealth additional time to enroll in health insurance to protect them and their families from the cost of the COVID-19 virus. This enrollment period is in-line with President Biden’s recent Executive Order and is open for all who have been impacted by COVID-19. Anyone otherwise eligible to enroll in coverage through Pennie™ can do so from now until May 15.

“The economic and public health implications of the pandemic have only strengthened the argument that accessible and affordable health insurance is a necessity.  As COVID-19 has universally impacted Pennsylvanians, we felt it was an imperative to re-open Pennie, allowing the uninsured and the underinsured to get coverage and access financial assistance to help pay for it. To act now, go to to explore options and enroll as soon as possible,” said Pennie’s Executive Director Zachary W. Sherman.

Although this enrollment period does apply to Pennie’s current customers, they are not obligated to change their plans. If customers are satisfied with their current 2021 coverage, no action is necessary.

Pennie customers enrolling through the COVID-19 enrollment period will have coverage beginning the first of the following month. For example, if a customer enrolls on February 20, their coverage will start on March 1 and if they enroll on February 28, their coverage will also start on March 1.  However, if a customer enrolls on March 1, their coverage will start on April 1.  Customers are strongly encouraged to enroll as early in the month as possible to ensure timely processing.  The latest effective date associated with this enrollment period will be July 1, 2021.

“ Pennie was created to ensure that all Pennsylvanians have access to affordable and comprehensive health coverage while consistently striving to reduce the uninsured rate. Pennie is also here to protect those who need health coverage in Pennsylvania and is proud to provide this opportunity for the uninsured during this global health and economic crisis felt so strongly throughout our Pennsylvania communities,” noted Pennsylvania Insurance Commissioner Jessica Altman. “I hope any Pennsylvanian without health insurance will seek coverage to protect themselves and their families from the potential financial crisis that COVID-19 can create.”

All commercial, comprehensive health insurance plans available in the Commonwealth, including plans purchased through Pennie, cover: the COVID-19 test if patients are experiencing symptoms or has had an indication of exposure; treatment for the symptoms that develop due to COVID-19; and, the cost of the COVID-19 vaccine. Not to mention, all other routine check-ups, vaccinations, and preventative treatments. For further details, visit the Pennie COVID-19 webpage.

Pennie is the only source for financial assistance to help with the cost of coverage and care and can also link customers to free certified experts to assist with the application or plan selection process. Pennie encourages anyone who has found themselves recently uninsured and is seeking coverage, and potentially financial assistance, to go to or to call Pennie customer care at 1-844-844-8040 before May 15.