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State Lawmakers Announce $499K Grant for Albright College

State Lawmakers Announce $499K Grant for Albright College

Berks County state lawmakers Sen. Judy Schwank (D-11th district) along with Reps. Mark Rozzi (D-126th district) and Manny Guzman (D-127th district) announced a $499,711 PASmart Advancing Grant has been approved for Albright College to expand access to computer science and STEM education for Pennsylvania students.

The grant is for a collaboration with the non-profit organization Science Research Institute (SRI) to implement an innovative STEM program for underserved student and educator populations. The program will provide summer and afterschool STEM research at Albright College labs for Reading-area 5th-12th grade students and educators, and students will have access to legal counsel through program partners for any IP they develop in the college’s lab.

“I couldn’t be happier to see Albright College and SRI joining forces to provide extraordinary STEM opportunities for students who may otherwise never have had access to such quality experiences,” Schwank said. “I have long supported the initiatives of both the college and SRI and have observed firsthand students working on projects far more advanced than they’d have access to in school.”

A complete list of the recipients, projects and award amounts can be found at PA Advancing Grants 2021. During the last three years, Pennsylvania has awarded 453 PAsmart grants to expand computer science classes and teacher training at more than 700 schools across the state.

“This grant will go a long way to help address Pennsylvania’s shortage of skilled labor, training today’s students for 21st century jobs,” Rozzi said. “Grants devoted to expanding computer science and STEM education help fill the tremendous need we have for skilled workers.”

“I’m excited that Albright College has been named as one of 26 recipients of a PASmart Advancing Grant, paving the way for Pennsylvania’s students to prepare to successfully enter the workforce and help grow our state’s economy,” Guzman said.

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