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Berks County Business Celebrates Positivity

Story written by Erika Lebo

Berks County Business Celebrates Positivity

Reading, PA: 73 Charcuterie Co., a Berks County business that provides charcuterie boards, cups, boxes and custom grazing tables, announced that they are implementing a Gratitude campaign to help encourage positivity and acts of kindness.

Erika Lebo, of Exeter Township, founded 73 Charcuterie Co. In January of 2022. Erika, and her husband Mark Lebo, have over 20 years’ experience in the hospitality industry and are excited to bring their culinary artwork to Berks County. In an effort to bring positivity and kindness to their hometown, Erika is excited to announce her launch of the Gratitude Campaign.

The Gratitude Campaign will reward good deeds of others with a $20 gift card on any purchase at Erika is hoping that the Gratitude Campaign will encourage members of the Berks community to go out of their way to be kind to others. She is hoping that word of the Gratitude Campaign will catch on with other businesses so they also form rewards for those caught “being good”. To be a recipient of a Gratitude Card, Erika must witness a random act of kindness and will approach you with the gift card. Photos will also be posted on social media with the hashtag #gratitudecard to continue to grow the campaign and further recognize reward recipients.

Businesses interested in joining the Gratitude campaign are encouraged to reach out to Erika as she is hoping to create a network of businesses for the gift cards to be redeemed at. Erika says. “If we can all encourage and reward positive actions, we are taking a giant step towards one thing we all want – peace.”

About 73 Charcuterie Co.: 73 Charcuterie Co. Is a Woman-Owned Small Business in Exeter Township, Berks County PA. Founded in January 2022, 73 Charcuterie Co. locally sources, designs and creates ready-to-eat charcuterie boards and grazing tables. They are actively involved in the community and local fundraisers.