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Daniel Boone Senior will Graduate College and High School this Year

by Reading Area Community College (RACC)

Daniel Boone Senior will Graduate College and High School this Year

Mya Kochel is a senior at Daniel Boone High School, with her sights set on a career in law. At her current pace, she will be almost two years ahead of the rest of her class in her pursuit of completing college and graduating law school.

Beginning her freshman year, Mya began taking general studies courses through Reading Area Community College (RACC)’s dual enrollment program; and through RACC’s online programs. At the high school, she took college-level biology, chemistry, US history, European history, literature, calculus, and statistics, among others. Included in her RACC online classes were computer, speech, and health sciences.

“While it seemed very intimidating at first, the professors and staff at RACC were very encouraging and supportive.” RACC’s Assistant Director of Early College Programs, Ms. Kristen Marcinko guided Mya through the process to ensure all the classes counted towards her RACC degree and transferability was at the forefront. “I give a lot of credit to Ms. Marcinko for helping me select the right courses and motivating me to excel when things got busy,” she adds.

Things did get very busy. In addition to her high school and college classes, Mya was the president of Student Government, member of the National Honor Society, member of the Music Honors Society, member of the Community Service Club, was in the jazz band and choir; and played on the tennis and basketball teams.

“I really also have to thank my parents for their support through the years. They have always been there for me when I felt things were a little overwhelming,” says Mya.

After graduating from RACC on May 6, and her graduation from Daniel Boone in June, Mya plans to attend West Virginia University, as a junior, to begin her law studies. “The dual enrollment program at RACC has been a great way for me to get a head start on my four year college degree, and also get me closer to a career in law.”

Taking dual enrollment, earning an associate degree, and transferring seamlessly through articulation is the new affordable pathway to a bachelor’s degree, says RACC Assistant Director of Early College Programs, Kristen Marcinko.

To learn more about the early college program at RACC, contact Marcinko at [email protected] or 610.372.4721 x5127.