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From Student to Teacher: Sarah Kreider Returns to Berks Youth Chorus As Choristers Director

Story written by Sam Barge

From Student to Teacher: Sarah Kreider Returns to Berks Youth Chorus As Choristers Director
Sarah Kreider

Berks Youth Chorus is pleased to announce Sarah Kreider as the new Director of the Choristers, BYC’s youngest ensemble for singers in the third and fourth grades.

A beloved music teacher of Schuylkill Valley Elementary School, Ms. Kreider will bring expertise, passion and energy to the Chorus’s youngest singers.  She holds a Master of Music in Music Education with an Autism Concentration from Boston Conservatory at Berklee and serves as assistant music director for the musicals at Schuylkill Valley High School.

Ms. Kreider is an alumna of Berks Youth Chorus herself.  She sang in the chorus for ten years and interned at many BYC summer camps.

“BYC was a huge part of my life growing up,” says Kreider.  “Being a member of BYC is why I ended up on the path to be a music teacher. BYC is where my love of choral music began, and that love has also led me to form lifelong friendships.  To me, BYC represents musicality mixed with community and fun!”

“Sarah’s return has already brought a new level of excitement within the Chorus, attests Sam Barge, who directs the BYC Chorale and MasterSingers.  “Every organization dreams that its students will return to give back to the next generation.  It is such a gift that Sarah will connect our youngest singers to our past and demonstrate the role that our community can play in their lives.”

Kreider reflected on the impact BYC had in her life:  “It honestly feels surreal.  When I decided to go into music education I think I always had it in the back of my mind that it would be really fun to have a chance to come back to BYC, but I didn’t know if the opportunity would present itself… I am honored that I’ve been given this opportunity, and I’m so happy that I get to be a part of continuing the legacy of BYC and providing the opportunity for more students to have the same kinds of amazing choral experiences I had.

“I had so many positive experiences with my BYC directors when I was younger, and I only hope I can have the same kind of impact on my future singers that those directors had on my life.”

Kreider sang in the chorus for ten years and interned at many BYC summer camps.

Sarah Kreider joins BYC’s staff at a unique moment in the organization’s history.  The Chorus just celebrated its thirtieth anniversary last spring.  In 2020, the Chorus witnessed the retirement of former Executive Director Dail Richie after decades of leadership.  These milestones came during the backdrop of the pandemic, which required a combination of virtual and hybrid singing, mask requirements, social distancing and a variety of other measures.

Despite these challenges, BYC’s is planning for a ‘normal’ 2022-2023 year.

Sarah Kreider’s ensemble, the BYC Choristers, have been fully virtual since the pandemic began.  They will return to in-person singing this month for the BYC Summer Sing on July 25-29.

“I am looking forward to meeting a new group of singers and forming a choral community together, says Kreider.  “I am so excited to be working with kiddos from all around the county and having a tight knit group brought together by a shared loved of music and singing. I can’t wait to get started and for us to all grow, learn, and sing together!

All young people in grades 3 to 12 are encouraged to join Berks Youth Chorus.  The Chorus welcomes youth of all musical backgrounds and is committed to providing financial assistance to all who need it.  Register and learn more at  All who have questions about the Chorus may be email [email protected] or call (610) 898-7664.