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ATSPA Raising Awareness for National Poison Prevention Week

by American Trauma Society Pennsylvania Division

ATSPA Raising Awareness for National Poison Prevention Week

According to the American Association of Poison Control Centers, 93 percent of poisonings happen at home. Most fatal poisonings occur among adults, especially older adults. National Poison Prevention Week, March 19 – 25, focuses on preventing poisoning events.

ATSPA hopes that this information will ultimately mitigate the number of people who are involved in poisonings each year, especially poisonings in the home.

In case of a poison emergency, contact your local poison control center at 1-800-222-1222. Poison Centers are open 24/7 – 365 with fast, free treatment help.

National Poison Prevention Week was established by the U.S. Congress in 1961 to focus national attention on the dangers of poisonings and how to prevent them. To learn more about ways to keep people of all ages safe and to help prevent poisonings, visit the Poison Help website at (or to view materials in Spanish).