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Reading Parking Authority Announces Amnesty Program to Avoid Towing

Ticket balances may be reduced by 50% or more

Reading Parking Authority Announces Amnesty Program to Avoid Towing

Reading Parking Authority (RPA) announced at a press conference yesterday that it is running a limited-time amnesty program to help individuals with outstanding parking tickets pay down their balance due. Vehicles with unpaid parking tickets are at risk of being immobilized or towed.

“There are over 23,000 vehicles in our system that are eligible for booting, barnacling, and towing,” said Executive Director Nathan Matz.

In response, RPA is instituting two major changes that will help people who have outstanding tickets avoid the inconvenience of having their car immobilized or towed. The first is a new final warning notice that will be placed on a person’s vehicle if they have a balance due.

“It’s very bright, colorful, easily noticed,” Matz said as he held up a lime green sample notice. “This notice will show the total amount of outstanding fines and notify the person they have an additional 15 days to make payment or their car will be booted, barnacled, or towed per City ordinance.”

The second change is a limited-time amnesty program that will make it easier for members of the public to satisfy their financial obligation to RPA. Program benefits include removing late fees and up to a 25% reduction in original fine amounts.

Matz said, “Towing is an absolute last resort, and I think this program shows that…we don’t want to tow people’s cars.”

Matz shared an example showing the balance for someone with $500 in tickets and an average of $500 in late fees would be reduced by 62.5%. The $500 in late fees will be removed, and if the balance is paid in full, a 25% discount in original fine amounts would reduce the outstanding balance by $625.

The amnesty program runs through June 10, 2023.

Matz went on to note RPA’s move to 430 S. 4th Street, where the press conference was being held, is intended to improve service to citizens and customers. Most notably, the new location features two drive-up lanes where constituents can complete their transactions from the comfort of their vehicle.

People are encouraged to visit to find out more about the amnesty program and check if they have outstanding tickets that may be eligible.