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Breast Cancer Support Services Announces New Board Member

by Breast Cancer Support Services of Berks County

Breast Cancer Support Services Announces New Board Member

Breast Cancer Support Services of Berks County (BCSS) is pleased to announce that Sam Albert has been elected to serve on the Board of Directors. The staff and volunteers congratulate and welcome Sam to the BCSS family.

Mr. Albert is currently the Executive Director for Habits of Hope, LLC. Sam is a Certified Recovery Specialist, Certified Family Recovery Specialist and a Certified Intervention Professional. He has over 15 years’ experience in the non-profit arena, has won numerous awards for his work in the Substance Use Disorder field and continues to volunteer his time to advocacy and philanthropy.

In 2006 Sam was speaking with his sister about some chest pains and mentioned that his Primary Care Physician ran all the cardiology tests and found that all was good. She suggested that he get checked as they had lost an Uncle to cancer and his primary site was breast cancer that had metastasized and spread to his lungs. Sam went to a surgeon who found a mass with an Ultrasound. Upon removal it was non-malignant but within 6 months there was another and that one proved to be breast cancer. After removal and 19 courses of radiation Sam was and remains cancer free. The surgeon attributes this to Sam checking for lumps and finding it quickly and early. Men get breast cancer too and Sam proudly wears pink for BC awareness!

Prior to joining the Board of Directors Sam served as a volunteer on both the BCSS support line and email a survivor contact list to offer hope and support to other male breast cancer survivors. In Sam’s free time he enjoys golf and spending time with his daughter and grandchildren.

The Board of Directors and staff of BCSS congratulate Sam on his nomination and election.